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Our No-Code workbench platform helps you quickly build your apps across channels

Web App Creation Platform

Business and Operations applications need to support RAD development especially in the early phase. Our No-Code platform offers:

  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) with customized workflows and functionality
  • Drag and drop components to quickly assemble and design applications
  • Choose from 100’s of pre-built forms
  • Seamless integration with databases, web services, or APIs to connect data

Mobile App Creation Platform

Our No-Code platform offers 100% Cloud Native mobile application development.

  • Develop apps instantly for iOS and Android
  • Several extensions help create mobile apps in no time
  • Documentation, online support, and tutorials available

Cloud Native Integration

Cloud strategy has moved from enabling compute resources to providing integrated  Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

  • NCAMEO seamlessly integrates Native Azure PaaS
  • Enterprises can configure highly scalable end-to-end solutions quickly
  • Cloud standardizes technical skill sets creating talent acquisition leverage 
  • Just customize, configure, and deploy your application in days not months

Starter Packages - SaaS

Do not have a framework in mind? Get started with our Saas ready starter packages.

  • Sales & Lead Management
  • Marketing
  • Campaign Management
  • HR & People Management
  • Marketplace
  • EDI
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