Don’t just think. CREATE…

NCAMEO offers ‘pre-built apps’ or simply ‘drag and drop’ components to build custom apps and minimizes time to market.

Our platform is actually ‘drag and drop’…

We believe in building applications which are a perfect reflection of your imagination. Our platform enables designers, developers, and business users to quickly build apps across channels - including Native iOS, Android, and Web.

  • Simple drag and drop
  • Multiple layouts
  • Simple and advanced visualizations
  • Multiple controls and auto data controls
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Get a little inspiration…

With our expertise we have built some ready-to-go micro applications. These apps are fully customizable so go ahead and try our pre-built micro apps now.

  • Customer Relationship Management App
  • Content Management System App
  • Human Resource Management App
  • Campaign Management App
  • Electronic Data Interchange App
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Have something in mind but need a kick start…

We have curated a collection of frequently used forms to provide a hybrid between components and micro apps.

  • Most frequently used page formats
  • Several dashboard ideas
  • Best graphs or charts for analytics
  • Various data formats or presentations
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